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The expedition ceremony of after-sales engineers in Korea

because of foreign epidemic continues to grow, they might increase, we exported mask machine order for follow-up after-sales service we are whole technology, guarantee the customer can normal production factory!

On Monday in the blue sky in the morning, the wind gently, on my way to work to receive notification message from the working group chairman summon all staff briefings!

At the request of Korean customer, the putian company to send our engineer on site technical guidance, South Korea there are ready to the various protective measures.
Is the fourth group of engineers to go abroad on site technical guidance, we attentively service, high quality favored by domestic and foreign customers trust and recognition!

Putian to have professional technology, rich experience, thoughtful service, wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide quality services, customer satisfaction is our forward momentum!
No matter what engaged in work, set up the global consciousness is the primary problem, on-site technical service is no exception. I think the post-sale service work is global, "sets up the enterprise image, to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty of the company's products." Utmost to protect the interests of customers, improve the core competitiveness of our products is an important part of. To do a good job of after-sales service, and at the same time in order to timely feedback in the course of using the products from the factory to bad situation, so as to make improvement in time, make the products better meet the using demand of the scene.

After-sales service concept in practice is summarized and formed:

1. The active: active service for the customer, before the customer complain to solve problems; Let the customer product use and maintenance of knowledge actively, make the customer behavior outside professionals, able to solve the problem.
2. Bear: customers complain at any time because of the mistakes of our work, patience to listen, help analysis, refuses to pass the buck.
3. Standardization: any customer service system, standardized to minimize errors.
4. The following services: sharing clients running records, fully grasp the running status of equipment according to equipment running records, develop service plan in advance.
Company offers 24-hour service hotline, for customer's feedback to respond within 2 hours, if the problem can be solved by phone, you should make a written record. Need door-to-door service, 12 hours in the province, fujian association of foreign languages and 48 hours arrived at the scene, solve the problem.
Arrange regular service hours a year, formulate emergency service measures, spare parts supply measures, for a specific project to develop special service measures.

24-hour online service call:400-883-9660
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