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Safety education and training

Putianda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. aims to improve the safety quality of the workforce and employees' awareness of the importance of safe production, enhance the sense of responsibility for safe production, and increase the awareness of employees to comply with regulations and labor disciplines.
Specially held a safety training lecture on September 4, 2019

Safety production knowledge education. It mainly includes general production technology knowledge education, general safety technology knowledge education and professional safety technology knowledge education. That is to say, through education, improve production skills to prevent misoperation; master the minimum safety technical knowledge that ordinary workers must have to adapt to the identification, prevention and treatment of the usual dangerous factors in the factory; and for workers of special types of work, It is to further master specialized safety technical knowledge to prevent the hazards of special dangerous factors.

Improve the safety management level of managers at all levels through education. Summarize past safety management experience and promote the application of modern safety management methods.

Company-level safety education:

Company-level safety education is organized by the safety technology department of the factory in conjunction with the education department. The main content of education is: Party and national safety production guidelines, policies and main regulations and standards; various safety production rules and labor disciplines; enterprise safety requirements for hazardous workplaces and relevant knowledge of disaster prevention and rescue; introduction of typical accident cases and lessons learned; casualties Accident registration and handling requirements; the role and use requirements of personal protective equipment, and other relevant information.

Workshop safety education:

Workshop safety education should be conducted by the workshop director in conjunction with safety technicians. The main content of education is: the nature, characteristics and basic safety requirements of the workshop; production process, dangerous parts and relevant knowledge of disaster prevention and rescue; workshop safety management system and labor discipline; introduction of work-related accidents in similar workshops, and lessons learned.

Team safety education:

Team safety education should be conducted by the team leader who will ask the safety officer and the leader of the team. The main content of the education is: the task, nature and basic safety requirements of the team; the performance and safety characteristics of the relevant equipment and facilities, and the role and integrity requirements of the protective device; post Safety production responsibility system and safety operation regulations; emergency measures for accidents or accidents; introduction of work-related accidents in similar positions and lessons learned; requirements for the use and storage of personal protective equipment; requirements for cleanliness and hygiene of workplaces; other information should be informed Security content.

During the training, there was a sentence that left us very deeply impressed, that is, "No danger is safe, no deficiency is complete", which means either thrilling, or safe, or flawed, or complete. This sentence clarifies the extreme nature of safe production. Accidents are often caused by small faults. These small faults are often considered innocuous, which leads to tragedies. Therefore, in normal production work, we must pay more attention to find out where there are thrilling factors in time, and report to the leader in time after finding out, improve the safety system as much as possible, and consider more from the perspective of safety in work. In the event of a work-related accident, on the one hand, employees have to endure tremendous physical and psychological pain, on the other hand, it will affect the company’s normal production and work order and cause incalculable economic losses to the company. Arouse everyone's attention.

In short, safe production has become the top priority of the enterprise. Any production must take safety as the prerequisite. Finally, thank the teacher for his patient guidance, and the careful study of safety knowledge is responsible for our own personal safety and for us. The responsibility of the family is the responsibility of the enterprise.

Let safety become adaptation, let safety become exhortation!