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Putida's fifth anniversary

Grow together and share achievements.
People-oriented, make progress together.
Safety in production, with the development of time.
Dream for five years, five years interpreta dream.

In the future period, struggle.
Five years, putian made it from scratch, from there to extract. The company size from early 200, until now more than 8000 square meters, staff growth from 40 to 150. Turnover from at the beginning of millions of expanded several times, from nothing, to the industrial chain through five years (sheet metal machining), grew and grew.

    In the fruits, autumn season, we are full of pride for the company to create the fifth anniversary of a good day! Today, shenzhen putian of intelligent equipment co., LTD., bathed in light, beautiful shenzhen company jubilant one piece. I would like to take this opportunity to extend, on behalf of all staff, the company of the fifth anniversary celebration and congratulations upon established annual conference 2019, at the same time, to friends from all walks of life were invited to attend the celebration, the warmest welcome ladies and gentlemen!

 All the results obtained, and industry competent leadership support and care, customer understanding and trust, the general staff and effort are inseparable, it is because of you, all have today's achievement! Here, on behalf of the company's management team, to struggle at the moment in putian to families of each position around the employees behind family members, the partners share the joys and sorrows, used to contribute to the development of the company, and now fight in other battlefield putian forever family, express my heartfelt thanks! And sincerely say: you were laborious! No matter how strong the company do in the future, we will not forget all the way along, concern and support of poly siblings and dear friends! The look of your trust is our difficulties do not retreat, don't give up the power when pressure! Is you, let us with the foundation to today's all of this, the source of development!
    Once, the glory days.
    Idle away one's five years, but in terms of preserved is all that matters is significant. Putian is five years of development, is the struggle of five years, is also an extraordinary period. After five years of wind and frost, putian talent to be indomitable, the spirit of overcoming difficulties and the keen market insight, to pioneer the courage, seize the opportunity to forge ahead, strive to fight in the spring tide of market economy, with industrious hands, and the wisdom of the wise to write the history of putian of, created their own brilliant! With the expansion of the scale of management, the service quality of continued ascension, established the visibility and reputation in the industry, entered the shenzhen and the forefront of Chinese equipment industry. Facts, outstanding performance the development proclaim to the world: development is the result of dream, based on the struggle, is more important than insist!
    As the saying goes, "all things are difficult before they are easy", putian of entrepreneurship is so, there was a lot of old employees and hard working scene at the time, as witness of putian of development should be the most clear! Simple and easy equipment, a few employees, crude environment... But at first, then we can't forget is the mission of customer service, carefully nurtured and advantages of their core competitiveness, strive to create their own brand!
See today, strive.
Putian today, always adhere to the concept of prudent management of rational development.
Performance excellence - putian of adhering to the "quality, brand societe generale" of the enterprise core idea, strict production process, strict production requirements, serious attitude, strict test correction, so that all of birth is professional, performance is remarkable. Make sure each of putian of product delivered to customer with long.
Operation - human nature. Putian to adhere to the people-oriented design concept, the pursuit to more humanity, more comprehensive, more flexible operation design, to meet customer's different operating habits, putian to do for you, all to let you with ease.
Technological frontier - putian international quality goal, investing heavily in frontier technology research and development, relying on science and technology, service experience, innovative thinking in every cooperation projects, temper to optimize itself, to a more stable and efficient excellent performance. Putian to do industry chasers, putian to do the industry leader.
 Do not experience wind and rain, how see rainbow, our development is not plain sailing, today has not come easily, has experienced many frustrations. In the face of difficulties, we calm, careful analysis; In the face of challenge, we are positive and optimistic, morale, like the rainbow In the face of setbacks, we grasped the nettle and morale... Along the way, mishaps, draw a lot of valuable experience, to keep the excellent quality of service. Because we have a dare to fight, good winning tough team, we have the ability to create new brilliance!
The youth young, we are going to beat up in the spring tide of the era of, toward the summit of my career!

Want to the future, a long way to go.
Five years of hard work, five years of hard work; Rough one five years, five years brilliant achievements. Performance was saturated with our hard behind the sweat, is the crystallization of our efforts to honor. But at the same time of received numerous honors, we want to make some more self criticism and reflection, summarize experience and lessons in the development, look to the future, standing in the future, to grasp the future! To ensure that the company's core competitiveness is more and more strong!
Looking forward to the new five years, our enterprise will face new opportunities and challenges, in the increasingly fierce competition in the market situation, how to build the enterprise brand to participate in the competition in the market to expand business scale, put forward higher request to us, so we should both inside and outside, go the way of brand development. Especially want to have a strong sense of crisis, clearly perceive the world around us change, further improve the sustainable development, not because of short-term goals at the expense of long-term goals, exceed expectations for customers to create more value.

The future in our hands! No standing in the height of the pole, unable to realize dream!!!!! Let's take five years of history and the accumulation, the persistence of the five years with no regrets, five years of sincere and enthusiasm, strive hand in hand, go forward!
After five years of accumulation, putian is already ready. At this moment, need to all colleagues of the company and the social from all walks of life more passionate support and effort.
Pursue the people on the road, the most lovely. The New Year, new goals, is willing to pay all return, can be in putian stage interpreta dream!

Thanksgiving heart, grateful for you.

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