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Talent concept and strategy:
People-oriented, people make the best use of their talents,

Everyone is a talent, as long as you have the ability, you have expertise, and you work hard, there will be a place for you to develop!
Talents precede strategy, and qualifications are more important than qualifications.
Reserve talents, excavate elites, build a solid talent foundation,
Internal cultivation, strengthening of incentives, and doing everything possible to create conditions for the growth and success of every Potenda person.

Passionate work, happy life--
1. Superior working environment: garden-like green office environment, spacious and clean office area.
2. Welfare meals: The company builds its own canteen, provides two meals (four dishes and one soup) for free, selects high-quality ingredients, and has a specially cooperated brand company to deliver fresh ingredients.
3. Rich cultural life:

① There are basketball courts, fitness equipment and other recreational facilities in the park.
② Organize department/company team building activities from time to time;
③The company organizes a group tour at least once a year;
4. Holiday benefits: Every festive season, the benefits will continue, and holiday gifts will be distributed during the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-autumn Festival.
5. Putianda Theme Spring Festival Gala: Every year, the company will hold "Putianda Theme Spring Festival Gala". The gala will not only feature the theatrical performances of Putianda, but also exciting draws and large-scale performances invited by outsiders.

 360° guarantee--
1. Five insurances: the company purchases five insurances for employees when they enter the company;
2. Physical disability protection: When an employee is injured or disabled during work, the company will pay compensation in accordance with the national statutory work injury identification and compensation standard.
3. There are two salary adjustments and internal promotion evaluation opportunities in July and January each year;
4. The dual-channel promotion mechanism provides opportunities for job transfer, job transfer, and job rotation;
5. Various holidays and paid leave: statutory holidays, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave (paternity leave), funeral leave, etc.
6. Accommodation conditions: 2-3 people/room, dormitory is equipped with air conditioner, water heater, washing machine, independent balcony, bathroom.
7. Massive rewards are waiting for you. The company has set up performance bonuses, team bonuses, general manager special contribution awards, etc.~

--Excellent companies cultivate excellent employees, and excellent employees make excellent enterprises.
Mutual achievement is indispensable, Putida looks forward to your joining!