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Company profile

Shenzhen putian intelligent equipment co., LTD., a registered capital of 20 million yuan, existing on-the-job personnel 210 people, research and development personnel more than 50 people, after-sales team is more than 30 people. Main business: the N95 / K95 automatic line, cover plate industry, TP, LCD module industry, toughened film industry, the PC industry such as acrylic lenses (KN95 automatic respirator machine TP + LCM joint, all sides fully automatic SMT machine, G + + F F laminating machine, 3 d hot bending machine, laminating machine, 3 d 3 d laminating machine, COF package binding series, etc.) automation equipment.
Companies gather research and development, production, sales and technical services in one, with the frontier technology, attentive service, trusted by the customers for approval, the professional quality of reputation in the industry.

Performance excellence - putian of adhering to the "quality, brand societe generale" of the enterprise core idea, strict production process, strict production requirements, serious attitude, strict test correction, so that all of birth is professional, performance is remarkable. Make sure each of putian of product delivered to customer with long.

Operation - human nature. Putian to adhere to the people-oriented design concept, the pursuit to more humanity, more comprehensive, more flexible operation design, to meet customer's different operating habits, putian to do for you, all to let you with ease.

Technological frontier - putian international quality goal, investing heavily in frontier technology research and development, relying on science and technology, service experience, innovative thinking in every cooperation projects, temper to optimize itself, to a more stable and efficient excellent performance. Putian to do industry chasers, putian to do the industry leader.