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After-sales team

After-sales service plan

1. Product after-sales service commitment and related instructions
-The after-sales service of the product is a quality problem of the company's manufacturing and installation within the specified warranty period, and the company is responsible for free maintenance or replacement;
--From the day when the equipment is checked and accepted by both parties, free warranty service will be provided in accordance with the terms stipulated by the manufacturer. The warranty period of the whole machine is 1 year, and the ultrasonic is 3 months. During the warranty period, if any parts are damaged, the company will replace them free of charge, and the user shall bear the transportation cost;
--During the warranty period, if the damage is caused by force majeure, such as fire, flood, earthquake, magnetism intrusion, etc. and the customer's man-made damage, the company is responsible for free maintenance, and the cost of equipment and materials shall be borne by the customer;
--After the goods are delivered for use, our company will carry out tracking services for the products. The Commercial Department has set up a customer profile card and complaint hotline to better provide customers with satisfactory services. Our company will regularly send professional after-sales service personnel to users Party conducts a return visit and assists users in product inspection and maintenance;
--If the product is damaged due to improper use by the customer, the company's salesperson will sign a maintenance contract with the customer. According to the maintenance contract, the technical maintenance team is responsible for completing the maintenance task as scheduled;
--In addition to the after-sales service during the warranty period, the company is also responsible for the maintenance of the equipment after the warranty period, but the after-sales service costs shall be borne by the user
2. Implementation plan for after-sales service (details)
"Product after-sales service work procedures"
--The service of the product's commissioning, acceptance, and operation process after the product leaves the factory, until the product is qualified and approved by the user, is the product's after-sales service work;
--The after-sales service department inquires about the quality problems that have occurred and fills out the "Contact Form for After-sales Service" according to the customer's requirements, and sends technical maintenance personnel to the site to understand the situation when necessary;
--The after-sales service department dispatches after-sales service personnel to the customer site immediately according to the maintenance plan and the workload;
--After the after-sales service personnel arrive at the customer site, the user’s technical personnel will confirm the maintenance plan. If there is any objection, the production technology department will organize the relevant departments to coordinate and resolve;
- During on-site service, the after-sales service personnel organize the implementation according to the plan confirmed by both parties. After the service is over, the user shall accept and approve the service items, and sign opinions on the “After-sales Service Contact Form”. The quality of our company's products and
Specific requirements or suggestions for improvement of service quality.
"After-sales service content"
--Including product installation and commissioning work, equipment operation and maintenance personnel's guidance and training work, and maintenance work involving product quality issues or installation quality issues during the warranty period.
"Regulations on Major Project Services"
-Regular telephone return visits to customer equipment usage;
--Provide safety inspections on customer equipment within the warranty period and keep records;
--Depending on the operating conditions of the product, staff can be dispatched to provide continuous follow-up service for 90 days (from the date the product is put into operation) until the product is put into production normally (the vehicle travel expenses incurred during the period shall be borne by the user).
"Product quality return visit work requirements"
--After-sales service to learn about product operation status and customer requirements, opinions and suggestions by telephone every year, and feedback relevant information to relevant functional departments of the company;
--For major engineering projects and key customers, if necessary, the after-sales service department will send a special person to visit, and the information, opinions and improvement requirements obtained during the visit will be recorded and sent to relevant functional departments to facilitate continuous improvement and improvement of product quality.
The company adheres to the tenet of "integrity first, quality first, service first",
Putida's professional after-sales team, dedicated service and trustworthy!
24-hour after-sales service hotline: 400-883-9660
After-sales personnel will regularly go to the customer's factory for search or
telephone interviews to understand the usage.